Friday, 31 March 2017

Creating dynamic Photo Gallery with jQuery, PHP & MySQL

PHP,Jquery Tutorial on
How to create Dynamic image,photo gallery in php mysql using jquery ?
learn to easily create image gallery with php,mysql
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Photo Galley is a most used section in any website . We can use photo gallery to display portfolio images , event’s photos, client’s logo etc .
Today we will creating a dynamic photo gallery using Jquery in PHP, Mysql.

We also integrate fancybox image pop up for displaying larger image when user clicks on thumb image .

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Send mail from laravel PHP framework and configure SMTP

lots of web server do not allow to directly send email from website .They require SMTP authentication for security purpose.

We have created a laravel tutorial for Sending email and configuring SMTP in web server .
Visit for this tutorial

Friday, 3 March 2017

Some cases where PHP short tags should be avoided

Most of the time when creating email template in PHP , we may need to separate some files and include these .
But including these files with shorthand cause some display problem .

Well, short tags are used for simple variable output and not a piece of HTML .
So we have to use like below .
<?php include('includes/header.php'); ?> 
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Short tags were, for a time, the standard in the PHP world; however, they do have the major drawback of conflicting with XML headers and, therefore, have somewhat fallen by the wayside .
In our experience most servers do have short tags enabled.
is far more convenient than typing
<?php echo 
From PHP 5.4.0 the short_open_tag mandate does exclude the short echo tag ! This is essential as the utilization of all other short echos is viewed as vain. In any case the utilization of the short echo tag is supported starting now and into the foreseeable future. It provides for a smoother and tidier code-base – esp. in view documents. So for PHP >= 5.4.0 can be utilized without setting short_open_tag. Kindly don’t utilize the other short tag in your code .
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