Friday, 25 November 2016

How to Become a Web Developer Learn PHP


This tutorials is for beginner who want to start learning PHP Web Development . In this tutorial , I will describe from scratch on how to create a php file, Install local server and execute it on browser . Well, PHP is a server side scripting language ,So it require a server to execute . We can purchase online server but for local development without internet ,we need local server .

There are lots of local server available to download free from internet like XAMPP, WAMPP, LAMP, MAMP . Here XAMPP and WAMP for window operating system.I have also create a video tutorial watch below . We will be using XAMPP because it is more powerful than WAMPP . Download XAMPP from here .Here recommended PHP version to download is 5.6.x . After downloading just double click to install like any other software .

While on installation process ,select installation directory to non window directory . Means if window installed in C:drive ,better install XAMPP on other drive like D or E if you have . This is because our XAMPP contains our lots of local project that may contains images, audio, video file . These files can heavy .So, to prevent drive space issue ,we recommend to install on non window installed drive . Complete the XAMPP installation process .

After you have to open it's control panel to start Apache and Mysql . Click on start on right side of apache and mysql . Sometime apache does not start due to port 80 already used by other application on your system or may some other issue . Try below if you facing error to start apache or skip if you did not have any issue on starting apache and mysql . - Right click on xampp control panel ,choose 'Run as administrator' then try starting apache . We try this because apache need proper privileges to start it - If you have already skype installed on your system, It already uses port 80 . To change it's setting follow below - Open skype 'Tools' menu - click 'Options'-> Advanced -> Connection - Uncheck there 'use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections' - If still you can not start apache , download this small software : 'Tcpview' to find port usage application execute this software and find there on list which other application running 'http' or 'httpd' . If you find any other software using these 'http' or 'httpd' , uninstall this .

Now ,after successful apache and mysql starts, you have to access local server root directory i.e suppose your xampp installed on D: driver . Your local server root directory is D:/xampp/htdocs . Here inside 'htdocs' you have to create your project folder then put/create php files inside this . Suppose we created a folder 'my_project' inside htdocs . Now create a php file . You can create like creating any text file or can create from PHP editor .

We recommend Dreamweaver . Dreamweaver is considered best PHP, HTML editor . If you want to directly create blank php file without any editor , you must have enabled file extension show . To enable this on window 7 - Open any drive (C , D or any ). Click on 'Organize' , you can find it on left top side of this window . - Click 'Folder and Search options' - Then select 'view' tab - now uncheck there 'Hide extension for known file type ' Now you can create php file directly like creating text file . To do so just right click ->new->Text document After rename file and extension ex hello.php Create a php file inside newly created folder under 'htdocs' folder ex :

write below inside this file
echo "Welcome , this is my first php output";

Now ,Lets execute this file on browser . Open your browser type below

If everything ok and you xampp's apache, mysql running , you should see below text there
Welcome , this is my first php output

Consider here on url http://localhost access htdocs folder , then you just have to type folder name along with file name .
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Monday, 17 October 2016

Advance PHP Training in Delhi by Unitedwebsoft

Web Development is the most essential skill that employers are looking for in candidates today. Websites are the public interface of large companies and businesses which relate with the general masses and play a pivotal role in the growth and progress of a company. Web designing skills are so important that hefty packages are being paid to individuals with proper knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, RUBY etc. Of these PHP is the most relevant and most used programming language. It is a fundamental web development language that can be used for both scripting web pages and also for general programming purposes also. It is the heart and core of many million websites and its global architecture has led to its universal acceptance in all kinds of computing platforms.

Delhi being the capital city of India is home to many tech enthusiasts and individuals who are ready to harness web development skills in the best possible way. Top PHP training institutes are increasing in number all around the national capital region. People who are in need of this particular skill set are thronging the coaching institutes in large numbers. PHP is an essential programming language hugely required in the corporate world. It has revolutionized many a business processes and optimized better performance among internet based companies. This has led to this huge demand for learning PHP. Top quality training is being imparted in the best php institutes in delhiand students from all age groups are willing to spend money to acquire the knowledge of PHP. Delhi has enviable facilities and professional experts who are well versed and experienced in the language of PHP thus immensely benefiting the students of the region.PHP online courses are also available from many reputed institutes who have designed an extensive study program for those who cannot attend classes physically. There are eminent trainers in various coaching institutes who can train you to become ace PHP coders and secure healthy jobs in god companies. The course structures are designed particularly to generate interest among people from the very basics leading to high level applications of the programming language. The training structure is so good that people from the neighboring areas of Delhi have moved in to secure appropriate knowledge of the language.

One can come across best php institutes in delhi with a little online research and by word of mouth from the student community. The fees are pretty nominal with multiple stages of courses available according to requirement. PHP online courses are a huge hit among the people in and around Delhi as it allows them access to top notch education on PHP merely by sitting at home. People are fast catching up with the expanding world of internet and are increasingly getting involved in its design and back end programming. With Delhi providing its residents with some world class training in PHP it would not be far from today when these people emerge as an important part in the process of web development.

Unitedwbsoft is one such company that has imparted quality PHP training for a long period of time to the people of Delhi. With its intelligently crafted online and classroom programs it has become a renowned name in the field of web development courses. Unitedwebsoft is an apt choice for those who want to pursue a career in web development especially through PHP.